"Helping Dallas/Fort Worth businesses reach new customers and increase sales through E-commerce web sites & search engine marketing."


More and more its becoming essential that your potential customers, those who do not yet know you, be able to easily find you on the major search engines. A good "placement" on major search engines and directories will, in all likelihood, increase traffic to your website.

Search Engine Optimization

If you are satisfied with the level of business your website is generating then please, stop reading this! On the other hand, if you think your site could be working harder, read on.

It is my belief that you should be getting a steady stream of business from your site. The volume of business will vary depending on your industry. What I mean here is that you should be getting orders, emails, phone calls - on a reasonably regular basis. If your not, then there is a good chance your site, and your business, could benefit from the services of a Search Engine Optimizer (SEO).

An SEO's goal is to improve your site's search engine rankings for a given list of keywords. All SEO's strive for that elusive "Number 1 position" for their clients.  

Website Design / Re-design / Copy Writing

Most SEO's would prefer to start from scratch. That way your site can be built from the "ground up", with search engines in mind. Automatic Sales Net can design a site for you that you will be proud of - and will bring you business. 

In practice, most SEO's don't get involved with a site until the site owner has lived with the poor results for some time. In some cases site owners don't want to "throw away" the investment they have already made in site design. Or it may be that the site is simply too large to scrap and start over. We can help with sites like this as well. The work required can run the gamut from "heavy makeover" to a "minor tune-up."

One problem we see a lot of is poor content or too little content, or ad copy. This is unfortunate given the fact that the Web is a fantastic marketing medium. Market research has shown that buyers spend a substantial amount of time "researching" their purchases. Give your customers plenty of reasons to buy from you. Write as much about your product or service as you possible can. Be an expert in your field. Explain in great detail why they should buy from you. Customer testimonials are a proven, and effective tool, for converting browsers into buyers. Automatic Sales Net can write your copy for you, or help you with a general marketing makeover.