"Helping Dallas/Fort Worth businesses reach new customers and increase sales through E-commerce web sites & search engine marketing."


Do you sell a product? Does your company publish a catalog? Would you like to hire a call center to take orders but just cannot afford it? Do your people spend a lot of time explaining product options to customers on the phone? Have you considered selling online but were put off by the cost of the project or how long it would take to build it?

If you can answer yes to several of the above questions then there is a good chance your business could benefit from e-commerce.

E-Commerce F.A.Q.

Q: E-commerce is complex. Can I afford it?

A: You will be very surprised at how affordable it can be. We have chosen several excellent e-commerce "engines" that are highly customizable. What this means is that you are not paying for a custom development project. And you're avoiding the headaches of custom programming (missed deadlines, unreliable software, over budget, lost customers).

Q: How long will it take?

A: We generally can have your site up and taking orders in 2 weeks.

Q: Can I use my current POS terminal for credit card transactions?

A: Check with your merchant bank. Many sites simply collect the customers order - then the site owner processes the credit cards the same way they've been doing it all along.

Q: How will I know when I have orders?

A: There are two ways: Several individuals can receive an email as each order is placed. Or, you can log in to your store administration site and check.

Q: How do I update my product catalog?

A: You or your employees will be able to easily add, change or delete products, create new departments and categories, run price promotions, cross-promote or up-sell, run a members-only area, and many other common tasks. It's easy, fun, and your product catalog will always be up to date!

Q: What about email addresses?

A: You can have as many email addresses addresses as you want. Generally one for everyone in the company (that needs one), and several "company" email addresses like "info@yourbiz.com", "sales@yourbiz.com", etc.