"Helping Dallas/Fort Worth businesses reach new customers and increase sales through E-commerce web sites & search engine marketing."


"You can have everything in life that you want, if you help enough other people get what they want."

Zig Ziglar 

Our Customers

Lean Bodies For Life (e-commerce, hosting, email, seo)
Dr Cliff Sheats, a clinical nutritionist and author of several books on fitness, runs a fitness center in Dallas. Cliff recommends supplements and other products for his clientele. Leanbodies already had an informational website so we adding e-commerce for the convenience of his customers. Now they don't have to stop by the fitness center to buy more product. Come to find out, some of the products are pretty hard to find - and orders come in from literally everywhere. We've done pretty well with search engine optimization. For several products we even beat the manufacturer in positioning! Cliff Sheats Articles

ANKO Products Co. of TX (e-commerce, hosting, email, seo)
Ever notice how clean most of the big trucks are on the highway? Mike Tharp is a chemist. He manufactures special detergents for the truck wash industry. When I first met Mike, I had doubts about the success of selling products in 55 gallon drums over the Internet. But the real value to ANKO is the online product catalog. There are well over a hundred products in the lineup and that's just a portion of ANKO's business. Several keywords on ANKO's site have excellent positioning. Mike says he's getting business nearly every day as a result of his site. 

Fun Stuff For Dogs (e-commerce, hosting, email, seo)
Lisa and Elaine offer a nice selection of very unique products for our canine companions. Right now this is a pure Internet business that the owners hope will help them expand into related businesses.

Encore Software (email, Webmail)
Encore's former web hosting company went out of business. They called us for domain-based email. Encore's personnel spend a lot of time in the field and need reliable email to correspond with customers.