"Helping Dallas/Fort Worth businesses reach new customers and increase sales through E-commerce web sites & search engine marketing."


What do you want from your web site? Most of our customers put it fairly simple: more business, more customers, more orders! Automatic Sales Net is in the business of helping you increase your level of business. We offer fast, turn-key e-commerce Website design, build and hosting for businesses that have a product catalog. For companies already on the Web, but not getting the business they expect, we provide a range of search engine optimization services. We don't fix computers or wire networks - we are completely focused on helping others make more money with their Web sites!

E-Commerce/Commercial Website Design & Hosting

If you sell products you know one of the many challenges you face is this: how do your customers place orders? If you have a store, then customers are only able to make purchases during business hours and they have to come to your location. If you print a catalog and take phone orders, someone has to answer the phone, you must pay for enough phone capacity to handle peak periods, etc. An e-commerce Web site solves many problems. It's always open for business. Your employees are not tied up. Your products can be described in great detail. The product catalog is always current. In other words, you can be making sales automatically!

Search Engine Optimization

Visitors coming to your Web site are one of two groups: Those who know you and those who don't. It's the latter group we worry most about. Because they don't know you, they probably used a search engine to find you, if they can find you at all! When potential customers search for products or services you sell, are you among the first one or two pages of search results? If not, the business is going to your competitor instead of you. Automatic Sales Net will analyze your site, recommend an optimization strategy, and implement the strategy.